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Burritos and Pop-Tarts
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This is a community for those who rejoice in Kellogg's® Pop·Tarts® and burritos (and unnatural beverages)[and commercial criticism]. Are you bored? Do you have no accomplishments worth mentioning? Well, eat a Pop·Tart and post about it. Or, eat a burrito and post about it. (Or drink an unnatural beverage and post about it). [Or critique a commercial]. Feel good about yourself and your eating [and viewing] habits...they may be all you have.

Burrito/Pop·Tarts/Beverage/Commercial Rating System:

= Rocked me three ways from Tuesday.

= 30 Helens agree this was a tasty experience.

= Negh. Better than roasted Frank.

= Blegh eugh blah.
= Oh dude... maximum hurlage.