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Burritos and Pop-Tarts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts

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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2004|04:02 pm]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts
i swear! i live off of burritos... they are so amazing.. i've been eating burritos every day for the past 2 weeks! LItEREALLY! haha : )
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2004|11:39 am]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts
just joined! this community is awesome... for ppl who like burritos AND potarts... now this is my kinda community! : ) add me nd i'll add you back! ne one have a burrioto and poptart color bar?
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2004|02:57 pm]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts
[music |the descendents]

I too love the burrito, and Ive never had a good frozen burrito, are there any good brands out there? If any fellow burrito lover knows.
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2004|12:04 am]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts

oh man.. i love pop tarts AND burritos!

oh man..
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gross! [Jan. 12th, 2004|07:44 pm]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts

[mood |gross]

Who would dream up...celery soda...?


scroll down to the Cel-Ray stuff...the sickly green can..it's pretty gross tastin' too. Celery is fine...just not as soda.
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Pop-tarts [Dec. 31st, 2003|08:39 pm]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Greenday - Basketcase]

I am now addicted to the new Ice-Cream Sundae flavored poptarts that don't come in the bigger box. I'll get so fat..I eat them for breakfast, after school snack, dinner, sometimes even lunch. My boyfriend calls me "poptart" I live the poptart life.
But..one morning, as I sat down to eat my pop tarts, something on the box caught my eye. For a Limited time only?! Here we have the best flavored pop-tarts EVER, and they're not even taking them seriously? Who else feels that this is a serious problem?
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hi! [Dec. 31st, 2003|03:34 am]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts

[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Armor for Sleep - Dream To Make Believe]

So I'm like, lurking at 3am, and I find this burrito community.

You guys are cool. Just like burritos.
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It's not that our family has no taste, it's just that our family's taste is inconsistent. [Mar. 20th, 2003|01:07 am]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts

[mood |crankycranky]
[music |Bob Dylan - The Man In Me]

I'm expanding this community a bit. You can discuss burritos, Pop-tarts, and weird beverages like you always have, but now you can also critique any commercial that comes on. I want practise critiquing commercials, because I have decided to be a professional commercial critic when I grow up. I think this brings us up-to-date. Now to actually critique something.

Commercial #1:

Product: Nike

Synopsis: A group of young, athletic-looking Texas University students jog around a small Mexican town looking for Texas.

Target Audience: Young people who like to participate in athletic activities and need brand name shoes to do so.

Critique: This commercial attempts to appeal to its target audience by exhibiting an off-beat, yet "extreme" concept. The young people in the commercial are all moderately attractive, and obviously very fit. Why they are jogging aimlessly around what looks to be a Mexican village is unknown to the viewer at first, but he eventually finds out the group of students are looking for Texas. Apparently, this commercial wants the viewer to believe that a group of Texas University students enjoyed their mass jogging session so much that they ran all the way to Mexico! And then they like so totally got lost, because they enjoyed running in their Nike brand shoes so much that they like lost track of geography and stuff. This commercial makes me happy I'm not a Texas University student. This is the only way in which this commercial makes me happy.


Commercial #2:

Product: Wendy's Salads

Synopsis: A group of middle-aged women in pink shirts have tremendous fun in a bowling alley. Then they proceed to Wendy's for a "cold one", which turns out to be a salad instead of a beer.

Target Audience: Middle-aged women who enjoy empowerment and salads.

Critique: This commercial shows that women can have just as much fun as men. They can form bowling teams, wear bright coloured clothing, bowl in bowling alleys - even partake in post-bowling activities. Clearly, women can do all the wild and crazy things men can do, and they can have a lot of fun doing them, too. Hey, these women may be horrible bowlers, and hey, they may be making public spectacles of themselves, but hey, it's Girl's Night Out! They deserve to get wild and crazy after spending day after day taking care of the kids and the nagging, repressive husband who rules his little domestic world from the comfort of his living-room armchair, thanks to the male-dominated society in which we live. Heck, these women deserve to get even wilder and crazier: they're going out for a "cold one" after they're finished bowling - just like the guys would do! But at this point in the commercial, the viewer is faced with a delicate but essential plot twist: the "cold one" is really a Wendy's salad! Da da duuuuuuum! The women continue having a wild and crazy time in Wendy's while they eat their wild and crazy salads in their wild and crazy pink bowling shirts. At this point, the viewer can clearly see how essential the salad is to the women's liberation process. I'm pretty sure that's the point.

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The rat in your brain rules the world from the comfort of your living room. [Jan. 11th, 2003|12:08 am]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts

[mood |dehydrated]
[music |Lemonheads - Mrs. Robinson]

Today I ate a chicken supreme burrito that was very good. Although the chicken supreme burrito has become my recent burrito of choice, I'm never quite sure how to order it. Should I say "chicken burrito supreme", "supreme chicken burrito", or "burrito chicken supreme"? So far I've been randomly trying each one to test the smoothness of word rollage off the tongue in actual ordering conditions, but the day is soon coming when I'll have to pick one and stick with it.

Burrito Rating:

After eating plain bean burritos, the chicken supreme burrito, with close to the same amount of calories, is much more tasty and fulfilling. One gets sour cream, lettuce and chicken in addition to the normal beans, cheese and onion fare. The only problem is the slight cost increase which, like most problems, can be overcome by selling drugs to minors.

Now, the next item on the table is lemon sours. As you've probably guessed, I'm back on the diet wagon. I'm using the same strategy that I always use with one minor tinker - every time I get a craving for something sweet, I fix a lemon sour. This strategy seems to be effective in minimalising my sweet cravings so far. Now, I'm not really sure if "lemon sour" is actually the name of what I fix, but that's what I've heard it called. I make this particular drink by squeezing two or three lemons into a cup, adding a tremendous amount of salt, a couple cubes of ice, and a straw. Since it usually starts to burn my stomach after the first few sips, I always have a chaser handy, preferably Diet Vanilla Coke, but water will do. I am currently addicted to this concoction, and my hands are sore from squeezing lemons. I feel this burgeoning habit could one day be the death of me.

Unnatural Beverage Rating:

I love this drink so much I speak baby talk to it while I'm making it. Pucker up, you!
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A tale of two burritos.... [Oct. 23rd, 2002|06:40 pm]
Burritos and Pop-Tarts

Here's the lowdown on the two places I usually get burritos at. I give 'em both a
but for different reasons. My main joint is El Authentico Burrito...and while I'm not sure how authentico the stuff really is havin' never been south of the border,I do know it's damn good. The produce is always fresh and the meat is too,plus it has a very low gristle and grease content which is a plus. Very flavorful stuff too.

The other place is El Burrito Loco. That's a scary name,c'mon now,the crazy burrito? It isn't very crazy though,the difference between them and El Authentico is the grade of meat. They use a slightly more gristly and greasy grade...but the size of their burrito dwarves El Authentico's. El Authentico's are decent size don't get me wrong,El Burrito Loco's are just really huge.
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